When all else fails, these suggestions may provide just enough help to get you going.


If you're spinning your wheels trying to view a page, hit STOP then RELOAD several times. If you eventually see part of the new page, then it may contain a construct that makes your browser loop, and the long term solution is to upgrade to the latest version of your favorite Browser. If you eventually see the whole page, or the problem is intermittent, then you may be caught in a traffic jam, and you'll have to keep reloading until you find an open road from your house to ours.

If you can't make it through the front door, or keep getting bumped off the road, try visiting our home around 6am Eastern Standard time. Traffic on the U.S. Information Superhighway is fairly light around this time, and most of the nightly system maintenance has been completed. Once you get a stable connection, you can browse the other areas of the garage for more help and information.

Return to the Garage for a full diagnostic and tuneup.